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Aquatic War it's a fun and challenging game of turns, that you gonna choose the characters and fight against your friend.

In the game you gonna choose a character, remembering that each one have a region, so they get stronger at home. The game turn it's 30 seconds, in this time you can move and shoot. Throughout the game seagulls will be flying, shoot them to fell barrels, collect them to receive power, but attention to the time because if your opponent hits the barrel, the power it's gonna go for him.

Powers: There are seven powers, being:

1- decrease time, this power will make the opponent loose 20 seconds of his time in his next turn.

2- locomotion blocks, the opponent can't move in his next turn.

3- steal turn, you gonna steal your opponent turn so you can play two times in a row.

4- protection field, this power will create a protection field around your character, it can only be destroyed when hit, attention to this power, the locomotion will slowdown.

5- aimed shot, you can get a guided shot.

6- double shot.

7- Shark attack, it's the most powerful attack, even if your opponent had activated the protection field he will be defeated.


Character movement: W, A, S, D.

Angle movement: Directional arrows.

Shooting: Space-bar.

Esc: During the game, opens a screen to return to the main menu.

Enable powers: When you collect some power, you can use it anytime you want, when you decide to use, select the power following the number keys 1 to 7.

Challenge your friends in Aquatic War!

ATTENTION!!! Game available only for Local Multiplayer.

email: jacksgamesdevelopment@gmail.com


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Fucking awesome game


Nice action game!